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Praise for the Guide:

A Smart Bitches, Trashy Books Favorite of 2017!  “Even if a trip to London isn’t in the cards in the near future, this book is fun to read. If you’ve ever wondered what all of the places that keep appearing in historicals are like today, this is for you.”  5 Stars  — Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

“Sonja Rouillard’s charming and informative book is the perfect travel companion. From the brilliant short story featuring Jane Austen’s Emma on a visit to modern London to the Appendices of historical romance novels quoted throughout the guide and suggestions as to romance novels to read whilst on the trip, the book is well-researched, whimsical, extremely informative, and replete with useful ideas, descriptions, and tips to plan and execute a memorable romance reader’s trip to London and several outlying areas featured heavily in historical romance novels.”  — Number One London

“This is so cleverly done.... Hats off to Sonja for coming up with a concept that provides information that is just so darn unique.”  — The Booksage

“This book opened my eyes to so much history that was around me. ... I was able to imagine it as it was and not as it is now. Places came to life that were just locations before. Sonja has a great voice for taking you into the past and even has a guide for you on how to ‘time travel.’ ... This is a fabulous book!” 5 Stars — Night Owl Romance

First Place Medal Winner — 2017 New Apple Book Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing

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Then and Now — Amberley Castle, now a hotel and used as the setting in the romance novel Amethyst by Lauren Royal






What Are the Romance Readers Guides?

For the armchair traveler or vacation planner, this new series of books is the perfect companion for discovering the world of historical romance fiction.

Have you ever...

wanted to discover which places still exist or what they are now—from the comfort of your own home with a warm cup of tea at your side?

imagined taking a walk in the footsteps of your favorite heroine?

wanted to plan a grand excursion to see the historical settings and experience the food and lodging from best-loved novels set in Elizabethan, Regency, or Victorian England?

Merging two favorite pastimes — travel and romance — author Sonja Rouillard has created the Romance Readers Guide to Historic London, a unique, extensively-researched book that makes it easy for a rookie traveler to hit all the historic-romance highlights. For the armchair enthusiast or future traveler, this book offers fun details on famous romance sites — Almacks, Whites, Hyde Park, even Bedlam — and travel tips for taking an exciting trip back in time. Enjoy English tea in a charming salon or ale in an ancient pub, sleep in a 400-year-old four-poster bed, play princess in an 800-year-old castle hotel, and more. “Then & Now” illustrations, fascinating historical anecdotes, and even quotes from fictional characters, bring the past to life.

Future editions in the series will include the English Country Side (Austin, et al.), Scotland (Outlander), Paris (Heyer), and the Antebellum South & The Wild West. If you just want to learn more about the settings of your favorite novels, this first edition, Romance Readers Guide to Historic London, is entertaining fun. But if you decide that’s just not enough, it will make planning a grand excursion a piece of cake...or perhaps we should say, “a piece of crumpet!”



After eating and sleeping like a duchess, one can even sit on a working throne!





Publication Details

Romance Readers Guide to Historic London is available in print and e-book at Amazon. Special features include “Then & Now” photos (location photos alongside drawings of original facades), easy-to-follow maps, special “for the guys” tourist sites, day excursions to the countryside and easy overnights, an authenticity scale telling readers how close their experience will come to the real deal, quotes from characters in historical romance novels, and even an opening short story, What would Emma say? ~ modern London through the eyes of one of Jane Austen’s most opinionated characters.



Then and Now — formerly Midland Grand, restored to become the St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel, by Marriott





Got a literary quote on historic London from your favorite romance novel?


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Photos: by Steven Glapa ©2012, unless noted, in public domain or unaccredited with permission. Amberley drawing: circa 1904, Frederick L. Griggs, Highways and Byways in Sussex (E.V. Lucas)




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